AVS Festival

Duncan festival is a dance festival, but we have a big project with visualizations of the music, and we are seriously interested in cooperation with specialist on all these subject. The participation in festival can be useful for the personal contact and exchange by experience, but if you haven't possibility to arrive on our festival, you could in absentia submit your avs-presentation for festival. The presentation will is presented under your name, and information on this will be place on our site. For building of the presentations necessary to choose some music track, length aproximately 5 minutes, and form the unceasing visual scenario "light clavier". Then necessary to send us your music file in mp3 format and your accompanying presets in avs format, with time study on time for each preset. The scenario of a visualizations also can be presented in apl format from program AVS_Playlister. There was much advisable that you used the classical music, but, certainly, you may do the choice on its desire. For example, you may look and do justice our presentation "Cranes", and for us much interesting hear your opinion about this our work. We shall very grateful to you if you report this information to all its friends and familiar.


AVS Festival Participants
Pierre Charpenay, France.
Webmestre de "Chez Pierrot"
Chez Pierrot (avs_en)
AVS-artist, mathematician. Interaktivnyy participant of the festival.
The Report: "Birth of an AVS animation (Quidditch Harry Potter movies)".
Projection equipment is used for presentation report.
May 24-27 Duncan Festival 2009